East of Eden and the Glory of the Fight

On this episode we talk about fighting for what you believe and a quote from East of Eden. Then we will go into our Comments Section where I respond to comments left on YouTube, and we’ll be finishing with today’s Gospel coming from Luke 8.

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The Institute of Men exists to build, strengthen, and form Christian men by helping them figure out what kind of man they want to be. We derive wisdom from what is ancient, traditional, and from the greatest men in history.

You will develop character, morals, and a Christian worldview. You will also learn about your Christian heritage in the USA and throughout history. This is a platform for LEARNING and development.

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Institute of Men
A Christian podcast deriving wisdom from what is ancient, traditional, and from the greatest men in history.

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Keaton Tucker is the host of the Institute of Men podcast. He is a former pastor interested in historic Christianity, building up Godly men, and loving on his growing family.

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