How Should We Respond to Corrupt Authority?

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Today, we are talking Corrupt authority and what we SHOULD NOT DO, and we talk a bit about advent.

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All authority is ordained by God. That means when someone becomes an authority, God has approved of it. He gives authority to men. 

Bad authority doesn’t give you permission to revolt or rebel (unless it’s sinful, but even then resistance is silent)

Everyone who despises authority tends to desire authority. Rebels always claim infallibility. All rebels always claim, “if only I were in charge then everything would be good.”

Rebels, stir up false hope. They rally people to their cause they create division. They get everybody thinking on the same page, but they have no authority to make any change happen. It’s false hope. Division causes anger, resentment, bitterness of soul separation between close friends immunity strife. These are works of the flesh see Galatians five.

False hope is fragile. It seems like it’s under constant threat your enemy quickly becomes your neighbor or the person on Twitter. They are a threat to your false hope.

Every rebel who hears this only hears me saying, “be passive and allow things to happen”. Rebels always equate respect for authority as passivity because they can’t imagine doing good themselves where they are. They can only stir up anger and strife, it’s the only way they get recognized. 

Paul never spoke evil against the authorities that God put in place, even the ones who were against him and his ministry.

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