How to Self Educate

In light of Claudine gay, Harvard, college tuition, and men not going to college at all - its time to learn how to self educate.

Self education isn’t just about what you know, it’s not about facts. It’s about training yourself to think through complex situations, training yourself to discern potential outcomes, to pass on wisdom, and, maybe most importantly, to not fall for LIES. 

The lies we are all capable of falling for is almost embarrassing. But not all lies are obvious, especially in an age where everyone with a voice or platform labels information as disinformation. 

Another way to think about self education: the goal is not to become infallible. The goal is the ability to think, to seek what is true and humbly follow what is true. Chasing infallibility is rooted in pride and it’ll cause you to become critical, to despise authority, to ridicule, to become sarcastic. None of that is a gift to others. A learned man can be a gift to others or a know it all. 

So here are some principles I’ve learned over the years. And they have been learned from being an annoying know it all. 

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The Institute of Men exists to build, strengthen, and form Christian men by helping them figure out what kind of man they want to be. We derive wisdom from what is ancient, traditional, and from the greatest men in history. 

You will develop character, morals, and a Christian worldview. You will also learn about your Christian heritage throughout history. This is a podcast for LEARNING and development.


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Podcasts are mostly written from scripture, from history, from the Church Fathers and saints. There will also be topics from other great men in history who were followers of Jesus. 

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A Christian podcast deriving wisdom from what is ancient, traditional, and from the greatest men in history.

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Keaton Tucker is the host of the Institute of Men podcast. He is a former pastor interested in historic Christianity, building up Godly men, and loving on his growing family.

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