Ruthlessly Honest

I have never met a man who did not have at least one thing in his life that was slowly killing him and keeping him form becoming the man he wanted to be, from moving forward in his life, and from doing something noble or meaningful. It could be alcohol, weed, porn, slothfulness, fear, a demeaning relationship, something. More often than not, when I talk to guys its either alcohol, porn, or weed, or some combination that is killing them.But how often do we really stop? How often do we stop doing the thing we know we should not be doing? Rarely. Especially if its with alcohol, weed, or porn, things that are highly addictive to men. If you are unable to stop those and if you allow them to continually steal from your life, one day, it’ll cost you everything. You are going to have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself.

You will have to acknowledge that your bad habit, your secret, your addiction, your bad relationship, whatever it is, you will have to acknowledge that it is killing you. When we are ruthlessly honest, we have to think through everything that could or will happen in the future, bring it into the present, and confront it. We no longer say, “this is bad I should stop”, we say, “This is killing me and my future and if I don’t face all the possible consequences, it will continue to steal, kill, and destroy me.”

You might need to scare yourself in order to change.

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