Trapped in my Words

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I want to be a man prudent in my speech. I want my words to be truthful, precise, direct, and easy to understand. I do not want my words to be vague, deceitful, or filled with lies. I do not want my foolish words to trap me.

Words easily become a snare.

I fall into a snare because I do not want to disappoint or let down, or anger people in my life.

I make caveats and try to explain away what I believe so as not to be “offensive”. But I know what I am doing. I am being a coward. Cowardice and prudence are different. Often I prefer peace more than righteousness. Peace before righteousness is unrighteous peace. It is a falsity, a temporary form of peace that is a trap.

I lie, I deceive, I am intentionally vague because I want to control the outcome of my life and my relationships. To tell the truth is to surrender the outcome of whatever happens. If I tell the truth, I cannot control how other people respond.

To tell the truth, I must choose between fear or trust which might be the hardest decision in the world to make.

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